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Your Guide to a Data Science Career

Data science is one of the most in-demand and lucrative fields in the job market today.

Whether you're a data novice or an analytics-savvy professional, find out how you can land the best job in America!*

Top companies such as Disney, Google, Amazon, Apple are constantly searching for top data-driven talent that has the technical prowess to use data to make powerful business predictions.

$128,549 average yearly salary, 4,184 number of open jobs, 4.5/5 job satisfaction

How you can become a data scientist

Not all data science jobs require the same skills! Check out below the 3 main data science career paths, the key skills required, and the best data science courses in our catalog to help you land a job.

Data Analyst

Data analysts develop systems for collecting data and compile their findings into reports that help make business decisions

Key Skills:

Excel, Python, R, Java,

SAS, Matlab, Hadoop

Average Salary:


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Business Intelligence Engineer

Business Intelligence engineers use data and trends to forecast business challenges and opportunities

Key Skills:

Python, R, SQL

Average Salary:


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Big Data Scientist

Big data scientists specialize in collecting and managing large amounts of data to serve large-scale web applications 

Key Skills:

Azure, AWS, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Java, Python

Average Salary:


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Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science
Microsoft Professional Program in Big Data
Cloud Computing
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*Best job is based on job satisfaction score, median base salary, and the number of job openings from Glassdoor and only applies to the US. All salary and employment data is sourced from Glassdoor and McKinsey Global Institute

Foundations of Data Science
Data Analysis & Visualization with Excel
Microsoft Professional Program in Big Data