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"While taking the program I was working as a nurse, where I come into contact with a lot of politicians and organizational leaders. When they heard me talk about what I learned from the MicroMasters program, they were impressed…I actually was just offered a new job with a Canadian NGO…I owe my recent success to my MicroMasters program certificate, as it was the first step towards my dream career."


"A month after completing the MicroMasters program, I started my new role with increased responsibility and a significant pay bump. It was everything that I could’ve hoped for, I just didn’t imagine it happening so quickly!"


…it also showed my co-workers and manager that I was serious about my job and willing to learn, gaining their confidence and support. In addition to impressing my boss, my confidence in doing my day-to-day work soared as I progressed through the program.”


…overwhelmed with the responsibilities…I lacked prior training…I approached my day to day work with little confidence…it was holding me back from reaching my full potential. That’s what ultimately motivated me to enroll in the MicroMasters program.


Because of my schedule, I couldn’t have joined a program if it meant that I would have to attend class. Even though I moved from one country to another, I can still continue with the MicroMasters program, because of the flexibility of the program. I can take the courses from anywhere.


After learning that I could access some of the very same courses taught on campus through an online program, I knew I had to try it….Then, I saw that I could take the online programs, earn a certificate and use it as a pathway to credit on campus, if accepted. I was sold!


The course team works very hard and they really care about the work they are doing. They are dedicated to answering questions and supporting students throughout the course and it really shows. 


MicroMasters courses are efficient, effective and incredibly flexible. I can set up my personal schedule and pick and choose when to listen to the lectures. With MicroMasters courses, I didn’t have to sit in a classroom, push off my own career and add stress to my life.

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Dan’s Story

Supply Chain Management

Dan wanted to stay ahead of industry trends and improve his professional prospects. Follow his path from enrolling in a MicroMasters program to earning a Master’s from MIT and beyond!

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Why MicroMasters programs?

Learners explain the decision to continue their education and why they chose edX.

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Watch Dan’s Story

Watch Paulina’s Story

Watch Priyanka’s Story

An exceptional learning experience

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Watch Dan’s Story

Watch Mamoun’s Story

Watch Bonaventure’s Story

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The India-based technology giant recognized subject areas critical to its growth and for which it needs to hire now and in the future. The company selected 10 MicroMasters programs which deliver on those skill sets and will interview program completers in those programs for roles at its headquarters.*

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